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we advocate for repurposing your old jewelry pieces you don’t wear anymore into new items you will love, and we will gladly assist you with your project

we are happy to offer repairs, alterations or full remodeling of your jewelry piece

  • repair a snapped chain
  • restring pearl necklace
  • resize your ring
  • repair or replace broken earring post
  • repair or replace chain clasp
  • replace a gemstone
  • clean and polish your jewelry
  • replate your jewelry piece with gold or rhodium
  • fully rework your existing jewelry piece or gemstones into a new creation
  • lets create a bespoke jewelry piece with ethically sourced precious metals and gemstones
  1. let us know about your project
  2. we will contact you and schedule a meeting / pick up in amsterdam
  3. within 1-4 weeks your jewelry will be repaired/replated or remodeled
  4. we send or deliver your new piece in person in amsterdam or abroad

please feel free to schedule an appointment with us or send us an email to