sisterhood holds a special power - a beautiful unbreakable bond of human connection.

coming together, forming friendships, strengthening each other and sharing ideas plays such a big role in my life. I am inspired by women I get to meet on my creative way, I’m lucky to work closely together with women and learn from them. with sisterhood in mind I interviewed elvira and safira kyerewaa, twins and creatives from amsterdam.

i asked elvira and safira: what does sisterhood mean to you? what inspires you? how would you describe your personal style? and of course, I asked about their favourite jewelry and what it means to them.


what does sisterhood mean to you? 

being twins, sisterhood means having a best friend for life and having a person that understands you and someone you share an unbreakable bond with. being there for each other and knowing that you have someone who supports you in every step of the way.

what inspires you the most lately? 

music inspires us a lot, it helps us get into a creative headspace.  we usually play music while brainstorming, when we’re working on content or in our everyday life. at the moment we really enjoy listening to old school soul, wave and modern music inspired from the 80's and 90's. think phil collins, sade, leon bridges, prince and marvin gaye.


how would you describe your personal style?

even though we are two separate people, ironically we have the same style, but we wear and style our clothes in our own way. we value simplicity and tranquillity. we have a less is more approach in life and in our personal style. we love quality and durable clothing and like to work with different silhouettes and fabrics. you’ll find flared trousers, straight power shoulders, relaxed t-shirts and masculine elements in our wardrobe. we also take lots of inspiration from the 80's and 90's to create our looks.

a jewelry piece that you always wear and the meaning behind it?

we can never go outside without wearing earrings. It is something that is quite ingrained in us, our mother always wore the most gorgeous and classic earrings, some vintage and some new but she had a very versatile range. she would always tell us earrings are an essential and extension to your look. and she was right!


@elvirasafirakyerewaa photographed in studio elínalans in amsterdam by elina and bart lans